Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage | About SDB
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About SDB

Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage primary goal is to ensure that your capital is managed effectively and professionally while focusing on maximizing growth and preservation.


Our company was founded in 2004, and is strategically positioned with its private client services based in Tokyo, Japan. We have over a decade of experience working within the markets at a global level, effectively managing over $13.4 billion in assets and growing. Asset management is our duty that we execute with precision, attention and dedication.


Our objective is to discover and provide the latest and up to date methodology to reach the financial targets of our customers. The tailored approach that we adhere to is greatly manifested through our unmatched customer support and impartial evaluation of the financial markets. We can become your closest partner by offering high standard solutions for your financial security.


Our goal is straightforward – we redirect our experience and knowledge in managing your funds for your comfort and a stable future. Our clients range from all parts of society and come from all around the globe. We deal with individuals and companies that leave the responsibility of asset management under our experienced guidance, in this way, we can help our clients achieve their desired financial targets while allowing them to focus on what is most important to them.


We have a unique vision and an unparalleled service that differs us from our competitors. Our distinctive tactic is expressed by our effort to treat our diverse clients with the same deserved attention. As mentioned, our client database covers a broad spectrum that ranges from companies, governments, organizations, and private individuals whose desire is to increase capital, preserve wealth, estate planning, or a combination.


Although the methods for serving private and corporate clients differ, we care for our clients with the same consideration regardless of status which is why our client’s value our personalized service.