Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, we take an active part in different projects and initiatives related to social challenges. By doing this, we make sure to satisfy our public obligations and show our care as a company.


Dealing with corporate social responsibility tasks on a regular basis is essential for us, as it represents a fundamental element in our list of values. The Basic Management Policy section of our Code of Ethics shows the CSR approach we adhere to.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is managing our activities in this direction and ensures compliance with the relevant guidance.

Founder’s Principles

Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage is keen to contribute to the social progress by getting involved in different projects and supporting movements and initiatives that lead to a better and safer community. Our Founder’s Principles are reflected in our public duty.

Code of Ethics

In March, 2008 Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage established a Code of Ethics within our company, which expresses company philosophy, internal rules, and recommendations. It refers to every team member, from management to worker. We made sure that our Code of Ethics strongly relies on our Founder’s Principles.

Showing Respect for Diversity
Here at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, our team includes diverse individuals from around the world, as we pay attention to individual talent and skills, we do not make our conclusions based on nationality, which demonstrates our respect for diversity.


The Code of Ethics, which was mentioned above, forbids discrimination associated with nationality, ethnicity, age, religion, sex, physical condition, social status or personal opinion. When we select new members Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage and decide their remuneration, we do not base our conclusion on the aspects mentioned above.