Corporate Trading

Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage provides corporate trading solutions that address companies, organizations, agencies, government, and other equivalent bodies. Our services vary depending on the company size and needs.


The business world today is complex given the sophisticated markets, regulation requirements, fierce competition, and evolving technology. We know how to transform a startup by providing support with financial management, and we know how to preserve the financial resources of large companies that look for stability.


Collaborating with Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage can transform your business to a higher level, as your company will be able to invest in different projects based on the generated net profit.


Currently, we have successful collaborations with notable names, which confirms our abilities and dedication.

Our research abilities are unparalleled thanks to our talented analysts and the innovative technologies that we apply.


We reach any relevant information first and try to give a prompt evaluation. We cover the financial markets at the global level.


From IPOs to mergers and acquisitions, we make sure to guarantee you the best possible deals.

Capital Raising and Management
We can help your company with capital raising and fund management at different stages of your corporate evolution.


From IPOs to mergers and acquisitions, we make sure to guarantee you the best possible deals.

Investment Management
Our investment services for companies include the following asset classes:


Stocks – these are balanced instruments that can be used to both generate profits and preserve the funds. Our team will assist you with building a well-diversified stock portfolio. You can choose from thousands of company shares that are traded in Asia-Pacific region, the US, and Europe among others.


Bonds fixed-income instruments are essential in guaranteeing a safer future. We can also offer higher yield bond products, which carry relatively more risk.


Currency Pairs – we deal with major pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD, and minor pairs. Forex products are indispensable for those who look for higher volatility.


Commodities – raw materials, precious metals, and other commodities, are essential financial instruments that can diversify your investment portfolio.


Funds – we deal with alternative investment products such as ETFs and mutual funds, which track entire market sectors and indexes.


Alternative Investments – we make sure to suggest derivative-based products to those who seek for short-term and long-term return.