Investment Management

Our Investment Management service at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage is based on your close collaboration with a dedicated account manager, also referred to as a broker. The account manager will be responsible for understanding your targets and desires and acting accordingly. In the beginning, we try to understand your risk-profile, background, goals, and experience.


Based on the mentioned aspects, we can draw the plan of action required; the strategies and investment practices are then updated based on the variable market conditions.


The financial markets, which are continually fluctuating, are strongly correlated with the economy in general. The quotations of Forex pairs, company shares and bonds are based on three main factors:


  • The liquidity, circulation, and fluctuations of the mentioned assets;
  • The value of the asset, which is based on its relative and intrinsic value;
  • The demand for the asset based on market participants’ sentiment.

Our experienced team of analysts and strategists at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage are paying attention to every aspect of the financial market.


Every time a new economic policy is introduced or gets updated, we make sure to analyze it in the context of the current market situation. We can generate a return independent of the state of the national or international economy.


Our analysts and strategist at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage scan the markets more times per year to create a precise picture of the macroeconomic movements and their potential influence. The picture refers to all the major asset types involved, from currency pairs to stocks and commodities.


The investment team then takes these reports prepared by analysis and strategies teams and formulates decisions based on them.


During unpredictable events that may show up spontaneously, such as market corrections, natural disasters or new unexpected policies, our analysts and strategists react immediately and help the investment team apply the proper measures to protect the financial resources and anticipate return through other channels.