Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage | Investment Reports
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Investment Reports

At Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, we create reviews, articles, and multimedia materials on a regular basis in order to make sure our clients get alerted with the latest financial market developments. We give attention to generating clear and thorough content to assist our investors to reach realistic conclusions and make well-informed investment judgments.


Our multimedia category includes audio files, video clips, and other types of content. You can join our service and get informed in a timely manner as we come with recent news and prompt reactions to major events. You will get updating information in many different formats involving current and future events, summaries of the international and regional economy, and financial market news.

Market Updates

Our market updates give an obvious and precise image on the precedent quarter’s financial activity and the future estimations. Both the reports and the estimations are done by our experienced specialists who get informed from reputable sources and apply our insight information as well.


Our articles include evaluations, studies, and professional commentaries on a wide number of investment-related subjects. We occasionally create investigation articles and reference content on subjects of interest to our customers and investors. Also, we make an effort to handle investors’ frequent asked questions and offer clear suggestions and guidance to our customers via our well-written and organized articles that come with our quarterly reports.

Quarterly Reports
We create a quarterly report that includes the most important global, macro-economic, and national indicators, trends, news, events, product launches, company revenue reports, interest rate decisions, and so on.