Market Research

Market research is probably the most critical aspect of our investment solutions here at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage. The quality of the conducted research determines the following arguments, decisions, and strategies applied in one direction or another. We have a competent team of analysts that are continually exploring the markets by region, type and potential. Besides, we inform our clients about significant events that can affect the state of their portfolio.


We provide in-depth research by operating with exclusive data, data analytics tools, statistics, technical indicators, charts, and forecast instruments that can create a series of possible scenarios.


Here at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, we have a strong relationship with big market players in different regions across the globe. We collaborate with some reputable companies that can give us better access to relevant data.


The fundamental factors can move the whole financial sectors, which is why tracking the market situation is mandatory for us. We improve the analytical approach by multiple times thanks to the technologies and methods we apply.


Becoming our customers is a unique opportunity for you with Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, as we make sure that our clients are well informed. The three main areas that we operate with our Global Research, Macroeconomic Research, and Investment Insights. These help us make the whole picture and understand our precise position in the always changing markets.