Our Capabilities

Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage has an international presence, which means we can observe game-changing events before they reach the public. In addition, we have many connections through our partnerships and collaborations with prominent key industries within the financial markets.


Our expert investors can detect new market trends based on fundamental data that can be hidden for the average people. We mix all our findings to create a complete puzzle and support arguments and decisions regarding the next investment steps.


The final result of our research and the joint work of our team will be then channeled to you through your account manager, who deals with your investment portfolio. At Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage our account manager will discuss with you in person, you will find solutions, and will reach new targets based on the fluctuating market conditions.


You will have open access to our exclusive data by exploring our reports that we publish annually and quarterly.

Global opportunities
Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage is a leading wealth management provider on a worldwide level, we operate with Asia-Pacific, American, and European markets.


We have developed a great experience and relevant patterns that help us understand how these markets work independently and conjunctively.

The essential thing to know is that these accounts have fundamental differences and selecting the right one is a decisive step.


For instance, the Advisory Account is the ideal fit for investors at beginner level or professionals who do not have time to manage their portfolio.


On the opposite side, the Execution Only Account is designed for those who have in-depth knowledge of the markets and can handle the portfolios on their own by using Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage.

We are dealing with the following areas:
Capital markets – we operate with different types of assets, from company shares to bonds and ETFs.


Foreign exchange markets – we deal with the largest market in the world to support your portfolio with reliable currency-based instruments.


Derivatives markets – we try to take advantage of alternative investments, as they can be an excellent opportunity for higher profits.

Account types
Based on our wide range of client profiles and targets, we suggest you choose from three account types:


  • Advisory Account
  • Discretionary Account
  • Execution Only Account