SDB Approach

We know how difficult it might be to entrust your financial resources to a third party. However, our track record at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage shows how reliable we are as a wealth management company. We apply complex methodologies to learn the market signals, and this gives us enough potential to avoid failures.


We have a clear mission, which is to transform your capital into a useful instrument that would ensure a safer future. Our team drafts concepts and strategies based on your specific targets. There is a productive collaboration between our team members, which is reflected in the portfolio management activity at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage.


We like to think that we can surprise our clients by achieving more than initially projected. However, if we can’t do that, we keep a threshold level that is based on your risk profile.


Currently, we live in a period when the financial markets are fast-changing, more unpredictable, and more sophisticated. Sometimes the technology goes ahead and changes the way we behave – the Internet is a good example to understand how a disruptive technology can transform everything. We learn to adapt to any situation and try to reap the benefits under any pressure.


We know that despite the substantial market changes, people always consume what is based on their necessities and desires, which suggests that the economy will continue on; the important thing to determine is the type of assets that will keep demand at a high level. When building your portfolio, we make sure to deal with the asset types that are reliable and have a long-term perspective.


During the portfolio allocation procedure at Shinhan Daiwa Brokerage, our team will suggest the best combination of asset classes to fit your profile. When choosing the assets, we consider both the past and the present, creating different possible scenarios for the future.


Our clients maintain a sound confidence, as we reduce unpredictability to the lowest level.